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Doctoral Program in Behavior Disorders

Terrance M. Scott, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Department of Special Education
Univeristy of Florida


352-392-0701 x263
352-392-5611 fax

Beyond Behavior

Winter 2005 Issue (Vol. 15 #2)


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Terrance M. Scott
Editor, Beyond Behavior
University of Florida
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(info from state presentations)

Cincinnati, OH (Mayerson Academy) (also download "Team Meeting Record for FBA and BIP")

Fredricton, New Brunswick, Canada

Trillium Lakelands, Ontario, Canada
(also download "PBS Planning Form" and "Team Implementation Checklist")

Des Moines Schools - Targeted Interventions


Council for Children with Behavior Disorders - Dallas TX - Sept '05

-Terry Scott

-Todd Haydon

-Linda Payne

PBIS Implementers' Forum - Chicago, IL - Oct '05

Association for Positive Behavior Support - Reno, NV - March '06

-Project PASS: A Model System for Early Prevention of Reading and Behavior Failure

-Developing School-Wide Consensus for Rules, Routines, Arrangements, and Effective Instruction

-Analysis of School Contextual Variables as Predictors for PBS Success

(documents download in Powerpoint, Word, Excel, PDF, or JPEG files as indicated)

PBS Pyramid and Alternative Models (ppt) PBS Overview: School Slide Show (ppt) School Data Collection Template (Excel)
"ERASE" Functional Assessment and Behavior Intervention Planning Prompts (ppt) Team Meeting Record for FBA and BIP: Team-Based Functional Assessment (Word)

PBS Planning Form (Word)

PBS Team Implementation Checklist - Revised (Word) Coaches' Implementation Checklist (Word) School-Wide Climate Survey (Word)
Targeted Systems Readiness Checklist (Word) Discipline Decisions Flow Chart (Word) Considerations for Discipline Referrals Checklist (Word)
Sample Discipline Referral Forms (Word)

Yellow Referral Form (JPG)

Blue R+ form (JPG)

Red Referral Form (JPG)

Green R+ Form (JPG)

Starrbucks (JPG) Star (JPG)

Consequence Decision Flowchart (ppt)


EEX 3616 Core Management Strategies

(Classroom Behavior Management)