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International Research Project
Examining Male Underachievment in Public Education
Australia Trip

The Spring 2006 class will be participating in an international research project involving groups of pre-service students from the University of Florida (School Counseling students), University of Wollongong (General Education student teachers) and University of Nottingham (Secondary English student teachers).

Triads of students, (i.e. one student from each of the three institutions), will engage, during the academic year 2005-2006, in parallel research on the issue of the gender achievement gap. Our own research will be based on interviews with teachers/counselors/student groups. The following time-line has been proposed for the University of Florida involvement:

  • January-February 2006 introductory reading and discussions to establish key questions and issues. (Target articles plus your own research into articles and websites)
  • February-March 2006 interviewing of school counselor or teacher, and selected student focus groups about their views of the apparent group gender disparity in achievement
  • Each participant also collects relevant quantitative data from a school where they conduct their interview, e.g. grades, test scores, disciplinary referrals, special education referrals.
  • February-April, 2006 establishment of project website (WebCT) for the purposes of communication and sharing of resources, (to be hosted by the University of Florida ). Website can include data analysis, general discussion, resources, photos and video clips.
  • March 2006 qualitative and quantitative data shared by each student via email with the other two triad members. International email discussion is ongoing from this point.
  • April 2006 Possible video conferencing between student groups in each continent enables deepening of discussion based on a broadening range of international data. Website development continues, leading to final international discussion: emerging themes, conclusions, recommendations. What are the similarities and differences between data compiled in each of the three countries? How does the international data inform or enhance locally collected data? Does your data support or not support the hypothesis of male underachievement in schools?
  • April 2006 compilation of group data leading to production of group video to be sent to Wollongong and Nottingham .

Project coordinators

Dr. Mary Ann Clark
Dr. Wilma Vialle
Dr. Paul Thompson


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